Completely un-supervised, self learning and knowledge driven AI for all of your computer vision needs

Mindrover offers fully autonomous, unsupervised and knowledge driven vision system that handles all of your vision related tasks in real time with state of art stack generalization alogrithm. One technology for your broad range of applications i.e. Precision farming, plant growth monitoring, autonomous drive vehicle training data annotations, Movie and Image sub-title generation, Single Shot story telling, Satellite image processing, Human and body parts pose estimation, Depth and Distance estimation etc.


Stack Generalized AI that self innovates faster than competition

World first end-to-end unsupervised learning platform that autonomously patches and trains itself to perform vision related analysis over image and video data for various domains of business


Scale to any size of dataset, iterates the training itself over new feeds and performs metrices validation autonomously


Distintively accurate than the competition and human work, providing a new way to meet research and industrial regulations to vision applications

Cost Effective

Reduces Total cost of ownership and pilot projects upto 75% by removing human component and development from the MVP


Agile in adapting the new array of images/videos having diverse terrains and scenes autonomously

Online & RealTime

Trains the entire core during online and in realtime provide near realtime response over new data


Self sustaining and tuning capability, built to update the paras and metrics when and if required autonomously

A Person crossing a street next to a man riding a bike and a car
A Person crossing a street next to a man riding a bike and a car
A Person crossing a street next to a man riding a bike and a car
Unique Properties

We make AI simple, intelligent and accessible to business users

A True Unsupervised Learning Platform

Since MindRover has created a platform for self-learning artificial intelligence, the system itself does not require a human assisted training set. Instead, our unsupervised learning platform autonomously identifies commonalities among raw data to cluster footage together by concept and event, producing insights that allow for full edge case coverage as well as a complete understanding of detailed scenarios. Our breakthrough technology employs the techniques of expert computer vision scientists in a unified, easy-to-use platform that helps scale your vision engineering efforts. It empowers business users and ML experts to work on projects faster using automation, accomplishing tasks in minutes rather than months.

A Unified, Intelligent Automation Solution

MindRover provides a one-stop shop solution that bridges the gap between business users, ML experts and data science experts to find information hidden deep within mountains of amalgamated data of all types and sizes. Relying on multiple vendors for different stages of an AI project can be burdensome, costly and error prone. Instead, let MindRover consolidate the work and perform all the heavy lifting at a fraction of the cost.

Save Time
And Effort

Reduce up to 95% of the human effort (and human related errors) with end-to-end autonomous functionality. Business users with domain expertise can identify the KPIs they want to see and let MindRover's do the rest.

Unprecedented Security For Sensitive Or Proprietary Data

MindRover incorporates real-time blind computing technology, which allows companies to include their most sensitive information in the process of ML and Analysis, producing more accurate results while reducing R&D spend and vendor reliance.

How MindRover Works

Responsify your MVP & Apps with end-to-end adaptive knowledge driven vision engineering technology

Image Acquisition & Conversion

Knowledge Extraction

Feature Extraction

Annotation Generation

Continous Training

Knowledge & Feature Encoding

Cross Validation & Re-maping

Evaluation & Updation

Feature Matrix Out for ML

About Us

OUR MISSION IS TO MAKE Knowledge Driven Unsupervised AI FOR TODAY'S Industry & Business

  • Vision Driven Analysis and Process is the next big change in human history which will bring a tectonic shift in the technology and how we understand or perceive. Mindrover being a completely unsupervised and autonomous vision engineering suite is enabling a clear path for various business domains to apply computer vision in their line of work. Mindrover provides hassle free image/video to machine trainable and tuneable encodings that are aligned according to the algorithms of various fields specially healthcare, autonomous drive vehicle and satellite imagery.
  • Mindrover ideology is to provide vision to industry that they can adapt it with ease and comfort and without making large changes in their way of work or infrastructures. Mindrover vision is to enable the machine responsible for computer vision with real time, unsupervised and adaptive image analysis and feature learning with the help of stack generalization and knowledge driven algorithms.
  • Mindrover aims to cut the cost of human assistance and development for computer vision tasks and applications and bring the vision analysis in real world as a solution to adapt on single go. Mindrover enables its clients to perform all their vision tasks and esearch without investing millions of dollars along with large amounts of training sprints.

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