Mindrover Customers

Enabling a new horizon of Aritificial Generalized Intelligence to our customers and users world-wide.


Dr. Almir Badmjevic

It is a fantastic tool, especially for Medical Device Inspection and Analysis of Cardiac Scans. The SaAS model is convenient to use and I can implement it in my own products as well.

CEO - Ver Lab


Sadaf Agha

When it comes to analyzing medical insurance cases, you need to get the most appropriate response against the insurance denial. Mindrover has helped countless patients to get their medical requirements approved or accepted by insurance providers here in California.

CEO - Otacon


Imran Ahmed

Mindrover is surprisingly fast and accurate for power management, monitoring, and analysis to reduce energy consumption units in the industrial sector. Mindrover is helping Simple Energy Incorporation to meet the desired power saving metrics smoothly.

Head of Technology - Simple Energy Inc.


Dr. Haris Vikalo

An excellent suite for researchers and academics, especially for students who are pursuing PhD. Mindrover enables them to focus on their research instead of spending valuable time on AI pipelining and data processing.

Professor ECE - University of Texas