Mindrover FAQs


Q: What is Mindrover?

Mindrover is a fully autonomous, unsupervised, and knowledge driven AI that handles your ML related tasks on industry practices with state-of-the-art Stack Generalization Algorithm.

Q: What is the regional availability of Mindrover?

Mindrover is available globally to its users

Q: What is Mindrover's production grade availability?

Mindrover offers high availability without maintenance window or downtime. Basically, once the product moves in production the service is retracted.

Q: What about Mindrover's Code/Model Security?

Model architectures, code base, and parameters along with trained outputs are encrypted and only available to its user via the encryption key.

Q: What are the security measures taken to ensure user IP in Mindrover?

Model, trained pickles, and code base are protected by end-to-end encryption. All communication through and from are on SSL, and requires validation signatures/tokens. These tokens are configurable to expire on user demand.

Q: What is the sharing policy for models, training data, or algorithms?

Mindrover never shares model, training data, algorithms, and trained pickles with other users through its platform. It must be added here that Mindrover team's is not eligible to use the data.

Q: What are some Billing/Pricing options for Mindrover?

There are 2 billing options for Mindrover (1) Pay as you Go and (2) Monthly Subscription

Q: Is there a Cost optimization option for the users?

Mindrover team helps you during the MVP, Training, and Production phase to get a better pricing option for your requirement.

Q: How can I integrate my code/notebook?

You can always pull your code/model/notebook from git or other sources in Mindrover Lab and use it for your work.

Q: Can the users run a Model Analysis on Mindrover?

The profiling engine enables users to get the hang of their data and possible model stack that can support it. There are also various API calls which help send model insights to users.

Q: What is Model understandability handling?

Stack Generalization Algorithm enhances understandability of the models during & post training, and give a confidence score to the user.

Q: What is Mindrover Lab?

It is a jupyter Lab hosted in Mindrover infrastructure, which is coupled with the available algorithms for ease-of-use.

Q: Lab Pricing?

The Mindrover Lab pricing is based on Pay as you Go or Subscription