Business Model

Mindrover's aim is to help the AI team bring their A-game to the table. We believe in cooperation and connection. By enabling our users towards the state-of-the art AGI, we hope to get better AI solutions to the society and industry.

Our business model is flexible and enables users to have a complete control over the expenses during development, training, and production. Pay-as-you-Go provides usage-based expenditure control while subscriptions ensure the maximum utilization of their resources.

Mindrover Pilot

Our Pilot programs are generally free with a limited quota of usage, enabling users to master the real- world AGI for their work and explore the possibilities.

Capability 15-Pilot Program Offers
Portal Access 15 days of complete access to portal with resumption support of data profiling, training, and configurations.
Imaging Lab 15 days of complete access of Imaging Lab for Annotations, Depth Maps, Segmentation, Tracking, Detection, and Scene Analysis on generic images.
Data Massaging 15 Days or 10 GB of Data Massaging for profiling, analysis, and statistical understanding of data.
Feature Engineering 15 Days or 5 GB of Data Feature Engineering.
Model Usage & Training 24 GPU hours of Model Training.
Analysis & Inference 24 GPU hours of Analysis and Inferences.

Pay as you Go

Machine vCPU Memory Pay per Hour
minst_MR_T1_M 2 4 GB $1
minst_MR_T2_L 2 8 GB $1.5
minst_MR_T3_E 4 16 GB $2.5
minst_MR_C1_M 8 16 GiB $2.5
minst_MR_C1_L 8 32 GiB $3.5
minst_MR_C1_E 12 32 GiB $4.5
minst_MR_P1_M 12 16 GiB $5.0
minst_MR_P1_L 16 32 GiB $6.5
minst_MR_P1_E 16 64 GiB $7.5